If you need to find a quality provider for dentures in Glasgow then here we are. We provide full sets of dentures to replace a whole mouth of teeth and partial dentures to replace small numbers of missing teeth. These teeth are designed to match the natural colour and shape of your existing teeth and can be worn on your upper or lower jaw. Dentures can help to create a beautiful smile and can allow you to speak, chew and drink comfortably again.

Why should I consider getting dentures?

For many people with missing teeth dentures are a good treatment option. Missing teeth can often affect a person’s speech and the ability to eat in addition to having a major effect on someone’s confidence. Dental spaces can also cause the remaining teeth to move out of position and can allow the cheeks and lips to sag. Dentures can allow you to eat properly, speak clearly and smile with confidence.

What materials are used?

A range of materials can be used for the creation of your false teeth, but most dentures are made from acrylic or metal bonded to acrylic. The teeth are made from acrylic or porcelain. In recent years mainly acrylic is used as they are lighter in weight.

Will they look and feel natural?

Your teeth will be customised to your needs to look and feel as natural as possible. The aim is to create a healthy, natural looking smile and to restore the eating and speaking function of your mouth. Options such as implants act much more like normal teeth, but dentures can still be very successful if time is allowed to become accustomed to them. If any problems arise with the fit or feel of your dentures you should see your dentist who can adjust them.

Will a denture affect my speech or the way I eat?

Your speech may be slightly affected and eating may be a little difficult when new dentures are first fitted. With time the dentures will settle, becoming more comfortable and stable, your speech will normalise and eating will become easier.

Will I lose my sense of taste?

You may notice that your sense of taste is slightly affected at the beginning, but this will improve over time. Unfortunately as the palate is often covered with acrylic, the temperature of food and some textures can be difficult to judge.

How long will I need to wear a denture?

Because this depends on the individual patient we will need to discuss these kinds of questions with you during an initial consultation. For the first few days we usually advise patients to wear their dentures during the day and night. After this initial period of full time wear, it is usually advisable to remove them at night for hygiene reasons.

What about my oral hygiene routine?

You must follow a good routine of oral hygiene for any remaining natural teeth. The dentures must also be kept clean daily and we can recommend special denture cleaning products including solutions and brushes.

Difference between conventional and immediate dentures

Immediate dentures can be fitted the same day as the teeth are extracted and are often advantageous because the patient does not have to go without teeth. However immediate dentures do not allow for changes to the shape of the mouth or gum shrinkage, which means that your dentures may not fit as well and require adjustment after a few months. In immediate denture cases we often plan to make a new set six months later and these should then hopefully last for many years.

Conventional dentures are when the teeth have been extracted previously and dentures are then made on gum which has healed. These dentures usually don’t need replaced for many years.

Will I ever need to replace my dentures?

Most dentures need replaced every few years depending on the patient. Dentures will gradually become loose and worn over time. The mouth gradually changes shape and as a result dentures can sometimes cause irritation or become very loose after a number of years.

How often should I see my dentist for check-ups?

Six monthly check ups are advised for all patients, even if they have a full set of false teeth.

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