Enlighten Whitening

Here at Southside Dental Practice we are delighted to offer our patients the world renowned Enlighten Whitening Treatment. The system uses both in-surgery and at-home treatments to lighten teeth by several shades and guarantees a shade B1 on the whitening shade. B1 is a very bright natural looking shade.

How does Enlighten work?

The treatment takes around 2 to 3 weeks to complete. At the initial visit your dentist will take an accurate impression of your mouth and will send it to Enlighten’s laboratory where bespoke custom made whitening trays will be made. At this appointment you will be given Enlightens pre-whitening toothpaste to use until the next appointment. At the second appointment the dentist will make sure the trays are an excellent fit and you will be instructed on how to use the system at night  for 2 weeks.  After this period is completed you will return to the practice for a one hour whitening session. The in-chair treatment requires the application of a more powerful whitening agent and its activation by a light source.

How effective is the Enlighten system?

Enlighten is the world’s top whitening treatment for a reason. It lightens the shade of teeth considerably (by up to 16 shades) and causes minimal sensitivity. It is our only system which guarantees a Shade B1 result.

How can Enlighten help me?

The treatment can tackle even the toughest stains and most yellow of teeth make a real difference towards creating a beautiful smile. It can even have some great results with tetracycline staining.

Why is Enlighten different?

The trays are the key to amazing whitening with Enlighten. The trays must be made in the Enlighten Laboratory and are extremely robust and accurately fitting. In addition to this the use of both carbamide and hydrogen peroxides are used in combination with both home and in  surgery whitening. These are the main reasons that make Enlighten such a unique and successful system.

Am I a suitable candidate?

We believe that Enlighten whitening can be used for almost all adult patients, but your dentist will need to determine if you are a suitable candidate during a consultation

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