Six Month Smiles

This system is probably our most popular adult orthodontic system due to its speed, price and fantastic results. Six Month Smiles is a tooth coloured brace system that is often used to correct the appearance of teeth in around six months. It is a great system for those adults who don’t want metal braces and who want their teeth aligned without extractions.

How do the Six Month Smiles braces work?

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic system focussing on the appearance of your teeth, not the function. This system can give beautifully straight teeth but is not used to correct severe orthodontic bite or overjet problems. The teeth are encouraged to move by forces generated by the clear brackets and tooth coloured wires of the braces.

Treatment stages


Stage 1: One of our Glasgow dentists will examine your mouth to ensure that you are a suitable patient for Six Month Smiles treatment; they will also  discuss any queries you have regarding the braces.

Stage 2: Your Skye Dental Group dentist will take putty impressions of your teeth and will have them sent by courier to the Six Month Smiles laboratory in the USA. The impressions will be cast to create models of your teeth on which your customized Six Month Smiles braces will be made.

Stage 3: Once your braces have been sent back to us, we will bond them to your teeth and treatment will begin. We will arrange routine adjustment appointments throughout the treatment process, usually every 4 weeks.

Why choose Six Month Smiles braces?

The major benefit of Six Month Smiles braces is that they work very quickly. The braces are also discreet, comfortable and painless. Six Month Smiles braces are often less expensive than other orthodontic treatments.

Before & After Six Month Smiles


How do the braces work?

Six Month Smiles work in a similar way to traditional fixed braces but our focus is the front teeth and the appearance rather than correcting function.

What is the length of treatment generally?

Six Month Smiles straightens the teeth in around six months, making it an ideal treatment for people who want results fast. More severe cases can take up to 8 months.

Is treatment expensive?

The cost is £2000 for one arch or £2500 if you want to do both upper and lower arches at the same time. This includes all x-rays, models, adjustments, brackets and wires. We will also give you free retainers and free Optident whitening after treatment worth over £430.

Can anyone have Six Month Smiles braces?

No, Six Month Smiles is not suitable for everyone; it is designed for people who have orthodontic problems affecting the front teeth. If you have problems with your back teeth, you may be advised to consider some of our alternative treatments. We will be happy to talk to you about your options and to give you printed estimates at your Skye Dental Group free orthodontic consultation in Glasgow.

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