NHS Orthodontics

Here at Southside Dental Practice anyone under 18 years old is entitled to free orthodontic treatment as long as the problem is severe enough to meet the NHS criteria. For those who have an orthodontic complaint that does not meet the NHS criteria, we can offer treatment at a discounted rate of £900 per jaw.

How does the funding system work?

The NHS subsidises dental fees and provides free dental care for children. The NHS will pay for orthodontic treatment for children who score an IOTN score of four or five. The  IOTN score is a scoring system which grades the severity of an orthodontic problem.  Those who do not meet the critter can pay privately to have the issue corrected.

What does the price include?

The price of £900 per arch is all-inclusive and includes all diagnostic tests and X-rays, the braces, retainers and brace repairs.

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